About Us

Centre for the Study of Religion, Politics and Society is non-governmental, think-thank. Centre aims to promote broad scope of theoretical and practical approaches to conflict prevention, memory, reconciliation and transitional justice. Using multi disciplinary approach, our intention is to explore various relations between social sciences, religious studies and to stress the importance of cultural memory, accountability and transtional justice in the Western Balkans context.

We are monitoring on regular basis any intervening between religion and politics or how religions are relating to various social problems, such are nationalism, LGBT issues, etc. Regarding this we are writing opinions and press releases, mostly in Serbian or in English.


Main goals:

  • Research on role of Religions in Transitional Justice.
  • Research on role of Religion in the Post - Conflict Society.
  • Foster debate how theological concepts or mindsets underlie political, economic and cultural discourses.
  • Explore the relations between Religion, Culture and Democracy.
  • Religion and LGBT rights and issues.
  • Fostering debate on and build support for transitional justice initiatives such as RECOM
  • Fostering the critical attitude towards the conflics